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A wanderers experience with the delights of Frolicon Day 1

My weekend's journey started on Wednesday night I bought a round Greyhound trip ticket to Norcross, Georgia for $81 and journeyed down for a weekend of fun, frolic and debauchery at Frolicon. I called up a cab to take to the bus station, since I really didn't feel like driving the 10 hours+ (yeah right for me it would be more like 14+) and it would be cheaper than driving. Well the good news was I made it to Norcross but not without fun and excitement (sarcasm alert) the bus that we had out of Richmond was a Carolina Trailways bus that looked nicer than most of the normal Greyhound fair but looks aren't everything. The bus left Richmond at 12:21 more than a half hour late which should have been the first sign that things weren't gonna go well. We started having transmission issues about 30 miles to Charlotte, NC which would make the Millennium Falcon look like a prize ship even on it's bad days. Most of the passengers were asleep in the beginning but more and more woke up to nag the driver who was doing the best he could with a difficult situation. The bus would just cut off at bad times while driving scaring a lot of the folks on board the driver did manage to heroically limp us in to Charlotte where they boarded us on a standard Greyhound bus (they ordered him to limp it in).

I got to the hotel on Wednesday afternoon didn't really keep track of the time, I had taken a cab from the bus station to the hotel, dropped off my stuff in the room, it was some time before 3PM but the nice hotel folks let me check in anyway. Picked up my badge and of course realized that I had just used my plain name and not any of my on line handles such as my LJ & Yahoo accounts Notnormal23224, or MySpace Save_b but I can live with being just Benjamin for a weekend. I said hello to Marrus coming to get her badge, there was some gaff with that but she laughed it off and went to finish her set up while they straightened it out. The Hilton is a nice place 10 floors nice rooms and really soft comfy beds, a nice change from some of the hard ones I've been sleeping on at other cons.

I ordered Chinese food from a menu stuffed in the hotel materials and had it delivered. Once settled I changed into a tee shirt that I had made at Cafe press saying “Shy, bi, submissive, glomph, grab, or just ask to use. Bondage Slut” I had a matching button of that too, as well as another custom button. So the hard part came, actually stepping out of the room with that on, I paused for awhile, even took the shirt off and put my corset on first and put the shirt over it, I called my lady Lisa and let her know where I was (she hails from NJ and was nursing a con injury she received up there), guess the final bit of a stalling tactic for me stepping out in to the open with that on (later in the weekend i would push the envelope even further, but not on the first step out). Finally I took a deep breath and just went for it and stepped out into the new world of Frolicon . I found I didn't immediately die of embarrassment and after the first few “Can I see what the shirt says? Cool!” I felt much better (thanks to all the kind folks out there). I even got up the nerve at the Virgin Sacrifice to get up and take a shot at a merit badge, and won one too for fitting a condom on a banana (really should have tried for more but was pulled in so many directions). Some time during or after that I changed into some cute rubber shorts that I bought, but removed the corset for awhile. Most of my clothing changes were a blur.

I checked out the dungeon and saw a chatterbox lad (by his own admission as well) who sat next to me during the Virgin Sacrifice, getting himself strung up by ropes, I guess the squeaky wheel does get the grease at times, would see more of him here and there later, and another virgin who was a photo buff (and winner of the Scavenger Hunt too “Spar” I believe) and a DragonCon regular was hanging about at both events. To be continued in next entry to prevent “wall of text” syndrome.
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