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Frolicon Day 2 Friday Electric Cuddles and Schedule Conflicts

Before the convention opened properly for Friday I got some time in with the pool and my rubber shorts. The heated indoor outdoor pool was a dream, the jacuzzi was a bit small and quite a bit hotter could only be taken in brief spurts. I had the breakfast buffet that morning at the hotel's restaurant.

Friday morning programing the train wreck hit, so many things I wanted to do and see and most at the same time or overrun by other activities extending at new locals. I guess having a wealth of activities is better than having a lack of them, but for someone of many crossed interests it can be overwhelming. I was able to split the difference by going to the Violet wand demo by Lovisa and lucked out that the Cuddle party started late, but completely missed out on fantasy, negotiation, human anatomy, body image, busted, and most of all edge play (one of my favorite things). The rewards though out weighed the losses though I was able to relax and actually socialize with folks at the cuddle event and that spilled over to the pool, which led to me extending my ability to hold my breath (which one has to do while nuzzling a ladies crotch while she's being fondled by some other gents and lasses). That proved to be fun and let me get out some of my sub and edgy activities but not in a formal Dom/sub way. The cuddling did happen to let me get friendly with my con next door neighbors though, room 514 right next door to me was at the cuddle party and the pool, and we chatted about continuing it even further but I missed out on part 3 on Saturday since we didn't get a connect that day.

I dropped by Marrus' booth in the dealers room after all the pool fun was over and got my face painted by her as I normally did at DragonCon, and once more she did some amazing work in my opinion. Which survived the night, even after leaving mirror image on a pillow that I had. I also picked up a new electrical zappy toy, it's no Violet wand but could be good for some fun and got to try it out thanks to the lovely TV hawking the product (shoot me now my problem with remembering names is rearing it's head again, I spoke with this person multiple time and each I read their badge and still my mind can't connect the name argh! Worse they aren't the only ones this happened to for me at the con). I had a burger at the hotel for lunch and the leftovers held me for a dinner snack as well.

During the evening I wandered in and out of the Whippersnappers event and got a bit bolder in my dressing style wearing basically a crotch strap made of a velvety material with some metal rings holding it together and my leather cuffs. Still no real fun for my subby side, I always felt too awkward and shy to approach a Dom and seriously was hoping for someone to take the t-shirt or the button seriously, but it's a 2 way street I have to be a bit more out there to actually get what I want I guess, if my lady was with me I guess we could have had some fun but then it wouldn't be really frolicking then, would it? Knowing her though she probably would have been able to get some pointers and others to, ah show her the ropes, so to speak, but judging by our phone conversation for the day, it was probably a good thing she didn't come with tenant issues and house repairs rearing their ugly head that day.

I brought the evening to a close by visiting my next door to the neighbors in 514 and chatted and massaging some feet before going back to my room for some sleep at an unknown hour.
To be continued....
Well talk about blur, I missed in my last entry mentioning that before I went to Marrus for the face paint job I went to the Sensory Deprivation panel held by Lotita (this is why you shouldn't be organizing thoughts on a laptop after midnight on a Greyhound bus) that was a bit of a taste of me coming out of my shell when I volunteered for that. I saw the chatterer from the Virgin sacrifice, being pretty much the antithesis of what I was, but it appeared that his squeaky wheel approach was wearing thin. A mistress who's ear he was talking off was trying to drop subtle hints to him and he even riled up the audience a bit during Lotita's demo. I volunteered to be hooded with a rubber hood and hopefully escape him but she did pick him for a vet wrap demo (lucky lad, not sure if it was out of spite though) abut even after she covered his mouth he chatted on. Where I still by my toy bag I would have offered the pallet wrap I had in there to her. I had fun being on display and hooded and it was a blast, even with the long haired chatterbox going on.
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