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Day 3 of MediaWest Trek

New day started and we picked up brunch in Hurricane, WV, and then picked up gas and the dreaded paper maps (yes the debate still rages on).

 After awhile, and a top off at a Best Buy where I drooled over new laptops, we reached the Ohio river where Ohio, Kentuky and West Virginia all met. We followed the river for quite a ways, jumping back and forth between the towns on the Ohio and Kentucky shores. Lots of cool buildings to see here are a few that we could catch:

and here are the bridges we crossed, including a new one not on the GPS (shhh it was on the new map but don't tell Lisa: Dang she's gonna read this).

We met a new friend during our travels, he came up to us after digging up an old tennis ball and wanted to play. He was sweet, wish we could've kept him.

After crossing the shiny new bridge into Ohio, we kept on US23 headed north, only one minor incident with a truck dropping some construction debris and getting tar on one of my tires, but no damage thanks to Lisa's good driving.

Well we reached the outskirts of Columbus. Ohio and put in for the night at a Kozy Inn on US Highway 23. Had Itallian food and wings for dinner and caught the Heroes season finally. A friend of mine in Viginia called with a computer problem that is hopefully not as bad as they think and I delved into the White pages to see if I could track down another long lost friend who lives in the area. Woke up about 5AM to post this, so I'm keeping it short.

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