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Frolicon Last Day Sunday Dead Dogs and the Return Home Monday

Sunday morning consisted of some of the recovery from the Monkey lounge the night before, plenty of water and aspirin to provide comfort. by the time I rolled out of bed my neighbors had already packed and departed their weekend domicile, and my brain still wasn't firing on enough cylinders to remember that the bath robed cloaked buddy might be in the game room like he was the past few days (face palm on that one). Took a shower and washed the remains of the great Marrus' face art that had not survived a second night as well as the first off. I dressed back up in my street digs figuring things were winding down and they were.

I journeyed down to the dealers room for a quick glance around, saw Marrus in her way cool camo full body footy Pajamas it was too cute. Bought one of her prints that I really liked and chatted a bit. Managed to catch the tail end of the wrap up/vent/suggestion section (yay more cuddle party space suggested!), then took a stroll around the art room. In the art room I saw the Henna lady, Elizabeth (, and she had just been stood up by a customer who promised to bring her enough business to make that day's trip worth her while. So on a whim and because I though her stuff was cool anyway I got 2 henna tattoos on my sides and down my back, large enough to exhaust her supply of henna. The Icon attached to this post shows the results. Of course the unplanned tattoo led to an interesting dilemma, what I wore down would obviously destroy the tattoo before it set, so Elizabeth lent me a sari to cover up on my way back upstairs where I rested until just before the Dead Dog party later on. Upon getting up and reasonably safe for shorts and t-shirt I made my way down for one lance prance around the dealer's room and to say some good byes, capture some pics of a dress I think my daughter would like (would need sizing with the corset and all) gave my little one a ring to chat, then headed up to the Con suite.

The dead dog party was cool, OK free pizza makes anything cool. Got to actually chat well mostly listen to some of the Order of the Booze Pack kick around ideas for doing some sort of adult track or event at DragonCon on the lines of the dungeon, sadly shot down for very good reasons by DragonCon staffers about, well at least they said why it wouldn't work. Of course the wheels in the heads kept turning for ideas on how to make it workable. There was a lot of griping about DragonCon's room prices (which are about double Frolicon's rates when you feed in parking) made me glad that I booked at the Red Roof Inn for that con. After a couple of hours there my lack of sleep did catch up and I went down to my room for the night it turned out. I slept then cleaned up my henna tattoo.

Monday morning came and I got ready to go collected all my cables, gadgets and toys and went to check out. Managed to forget my coat in my room so had to go back for it. I shared a cab with another con attendee from NJ he was taking the same Greyhound bus that I was at 4. It was snowing when we left. The bus came a bit late but at least it was a working one. I had gotten a seat next to a lady in the bus and was swiftly surrounded by another lady and her 2 youngsters, who were far more entertaining than annoying thank goodness. Hearing the little girl talk to a gothicly styled gent who had gotten on at the first stop was a hoot. The cute kid somewhere in the under 10 age range may have been darker than he could have every hoped to be, saw that he was a writer and an artist and paid him a cookie for to draw of a zombie dinosaur that was dripping blood (seriously she asked for that).

The driver forgot to take my ticket from me so I let him know at the first stop, he was wondering why he was short on seats (how many others did he miss). At Grenville enough folks had shifted seats since a number had gotten off I had a window seat and was asked by the little girls brother if I had any games for my PSP which I was just using as an MP3 player at the time, I didn't but no sooner than he had asked a large gent came and sat next to me and offered me some of his games to play, he also had a PSP with him, and he sat next to me. He took up a bit more than one seat but I didn't mind, guess the game share was a friendly bribe, since by the time he got on the bus had filled back up and that was pretty much the only seat left. As the ride wore on he occasionally ended up on top of me while he slept, and seemed to cuddle a bit with me, it was cute and he was soft and took no untoward liberties so it could have been coincidental or not either way I didn't mind, he was cuddly, soft, and warm.

For some reason Charlotte seemed to be the black hole of Greyhound trouble coming down and going back. We got to Charlotte fine enough but after the rest stop leaving proved to be problematic. They filled up our bus with re-boarders and did have a few extra seats left over after bringing out a secondary for overflow and local passengers (they made us an express), but then bad stuff happened. The driver that was supposed to take us got reassigned, and the extra bus left before we did. and we were left sitting on the bus for almost 2 hours with no driver. I called Greyhound at an hour and a half to voice my displeasure (on hold for 10 minutes +) and they tried to tell me we already left. I explained that we were still sitting in the bus with the motor running in Charlotte, and the bus that left was the local/overflow bus but not the original bus that got there and had re-boarded passengers and we weren't being told anything (couldn't leave the bus either since they had taken our tickets already). The Greyhound headquarters vowed to have the issue resolved in 15 minutes, 17 minutes later, we had a driver, who could get us as far as Richmond. Well that's all I cared about. I now had 2 seats to myself and could stretch out for some sleep and to write the first entries into my journal on the word processing program on my laptop since I had no net connection.
We made it back into Richmond at 6:05 AM. I grabbed a cab got home at 6:30AM, sat on my bed, sent out an entry to the Frolicon group, got up and showered at 7:10AM and went into work. I was definitely moving slow because I still managed to be late, but since I had some late night work that didn't matter much. Been running on fumes for the rest of the week but Frolicon was worth it.
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