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The Week of Illness

Last week I managed to avoid all con crud and Greyhound crud just to come back into work and encounter an employees with a sinus infection. Well the coughing started Thursday night then the total train wreck of my sinuses kicked in on Friday and only got worse over the weekend. All my plans got shelved while I suffered, I hit the doctor on Monday morning, just a stroke of luck that I was working the 1-10PM shift from home the next 2 weeks, and she declared the sinus infection to be in need of medicine and very sorry state. Antibiotics and store brand Mucinex-D and I'm barely functional.

I thought the worse news was past but my lover sailgersor   who was giving me her med advice over the weekend (the hot showers helped at least for awhile) had major bad news that hit the fan on Monday, her husband and my friend Ward had to hit the hospital and it had turned out to be very serious his ulcer had caused some severe internal bleeding and he has to get operated on. Shes been giving me the horror stories of the lack of competence of the nursing staff (being a old school nurse it was shocking to see how much he new nurses had no idea about the basics). The lack of security in the hospital, despite the illusion (they never changed their door codes from the years ago that she worked there) and of course their resentment of actually having a knowledgeable relative around to make sure they don't kill the patient. Times like this I wish I lived back in big apple so I could help her out, on top of all this she still has her appointment for a biopsy on her Para-Thyroid on Thursday but that's up in the air now that Ward needs surgery. Oh and to top off misery her crappy tenant has decided to give notice that he's moving out at the end of the month.

Hopefully life will take a turn for the better, not holding my breath or anything but will keep an open mind and a view to the future
Tags: doctors, friends, hospitals, lovers, sinus, ulcers
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