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Seminars, Shotguns, Street View and Home Improvements

Well my house is shaping up and I'm about to write the check to deplete the tax return and economic stimulus. A mixed bag of insurance covered repairs and some of the improvements I can afford for now, I still have a way to go. Now I'll have to scrape up before and after pics. The back yard still looms large and the shifting of my stuff from upstairs to down needs to be completed, but that's all cleaning and organizing stuff, I attacked the most egregiously needed repairs and upgrades so most of the necessary stuff and some of cosmetic stuff is done.

I notice that Google's street view team did some of my neighborhood, they seem to stop short at my neighbor's house which is cool. I would have loved to see my house though, but I guess it's a good thing since it would have been without the repairs (the pictures were taken when gas was still $2.57).

I went to a Microsoft seminar on High Performance Computing, in Reston, VA. We found it was not what we expected, somewhat cool in a nerdy way though but I had carpooled with co-workers and they really wanted to ditch early once I doomed it's usefulness to our group with questions about stuff we actually did. Since one of my co-workers had rented the car and wanted to escape I was trapped by the fact that he was my ride so I capitulated. The big excitement was before the seminar. When driving to get there we had taken a few wrong turns thanks to the co-workers GPS with maps he hadn't updated in a few years. When we got to MS Reston he overshot the entrance and decided it would be a good idea to turn around in the next parking lot. Well for perspective, picture this, numerous office complexes, some of them defense contractors some of them government agencies. He drove into a government controlled section with a guard shack and everything in our white rental Lincoln town car with temporary tags (it was a brand new car from the rental place). Well the shotguns came out (really impressive and cool looking ones too) while he attempted his K turn out of there. Fortunately they didn't follow us or shoot. The 3 of us were breathing heavy after that and I joked that they were safe they would have shot "the black guy" (me) and rescued them from the terrorist. I was both kicking myself and thankful for not having my camera with me, there were some real cool places in Reston, but I know I would have taken photos of the heavily armed guards which would have compounded our problems.

Well it's off to  Contata tomorrow. Yay!
Tags: contata, home improvements, hpc, microsoft, shotgun
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