GoldFyre (notnormal23224) wrote,

Crash course in driving ...literally

My daughter came home for the week to take a "crash course" in driving so that she can take the test to acquire her license. She felt she needed some experience behind the wheel so I volunteered the Vue and told her referring to it as a ""crash course" was a bad idea. Too late she invoked it.

She did fine driving down the street, stopping at the corner, had some issue with a mid block stop light, and did fine on the highway, but inside the parking lot did her in. she had tried to make a lane change but the other vehicle was right in the blind spot and crunch. I take the wounded soul in for repairs tomorrow morning. No injuries for anyone involved and the people in the poor white Ford Taurus were very understanding and the most important driving lessons were imparted how to deal with an accident, the other parties, the insurance agency, and the police, valuable lessons all round. Fortunately I had just renewed the policy, I hate to see what it will be in January though.
Tags: car, children, spawn, wreck
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