GoldFyre (notnormal23224) wrote,

A 3/4 empty 4.5 oz tube of toothpaste makes you a terrorist

Yup, I had a dreaded item over 3 ounces, it was a 4.5 Ounce tube of tooth past that was obviously 3/4 used. That engaged the extra screening activity for me at the airport. The world was in danger of having clean teeth, oh yes I had a tooth brush and tooth paste and I was going to commit acts of oral hygiene on the hapless passengers of the plane. The horror the horror. The worse part of additional screening has to be not being allowed to put your belt back on while they determine the threat level of a mostly used tube of tooth paste. The illusion of safety remains intact. After this I was going to swear off flying totally but getting on the plane went smoothly, they had XM radio for us to plug into, and I even got decent snacks, Pepridge Farm cookies! The views were great and I'll have to assault my blog with the cloud pictures soon and best of all it only took 1 hour (3 if you count the drive to the airport, the screening, the flight and the MARTA ride) and I'm not exhausted upon my arrival. I'll have to go on a mission to the local Best Buy for a battery charger for the camera.
I have reached Atlanta and I'm now in my hotel room at the Red-Roof INN. after a jaunty ride from the airport on MARTA, will be making a return trip there to pick up my roommate when she arrives.
Tags: dragon*con, marta, tsa
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