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Belated recreation of Dragon*Con adventures post part 1

Here's a shot at condensing my Dragon*Con trip to Atlanta down (lost a long post that I had worked on earlier this week so now re-doing it, hopefully it'll be better or at least as good).

My initial adventures with the TSA can be found in my 2 earlier posts. After getting into Atlanta I had the pleasure of meeting with another couple of early birds over at the Red Roof Inn, who had a fan table for the Star Wars Combine game, marpai loaned me a leather vest to use while awaiting the dealers room to open to replace my ailing vest from previous years. They showed me the myriad of wonderful toys and costumes that they had, and shared their own TSA fun story, it appears that at least 3 folks associated with the TSA helped themselves to some of the T-shirts they brought along for promotional purposes. Kudos to Red Roof for letting me into my room at the way early before 10AM.
Shortly after that meeting I took the MARTA back to the airport to pick up my lady, sailgersor arriving on her flight from the wild lands of New Jersey. She too was subjected to extra screening, was it something in the TSA's water or do they percieve fans as threats? She handled that situation in her own unique manner. Second time around at airport I did spy a few other Dragon*Con attendees but was intercepted by a local looking for employment and was asked my opinion of his resume, obviously he had no idea that I can't write a resume to save my life, for some reason I attact folks like this, seeking my advise and or help in various situations (note to the powers that be I was promised a vacation). Fortunately that encounter got cut short by sailgersor 's arrival. I was able to asses the things forgotten list, you know the stuff you look right at while packing and totally forget to put it into the bag, the extra battery and charger for my camera were safely secured on my home living room shelf, as was my leather pouch (why did I take that out of the car?), I did manage to pick up another charger at Wolf's Camera shop in the food court, but I later discovered that my 3 year old Sony camera has started it's decline anyway (it vibrates more than my game controllers do at times and has gotten completely allergic to anything dimmer that direct sunlight), and shall soon need a replacement, it was evil throughout the convention, many unusable shots, only a few survived. After reconvening at the food court we plotted an activity to fill our mini fridges with food, an event that would require a jaunt to the local Publix market on Thursday as the excursion to the small convenience store below the food court proved to be inadequate.
After the supply jaunt on Thursday we picked up our badges, thank you disability services for sparing my lady from the long wait in line with your seekers, and leading us to the new location of the desk. The convention seemed to be picking up some more steam for a Thursday, a lot of arrivals for the day before the con and the reg line certainly proved that, even opened registration up earlier than expected.
Later that evening one of my friends, Jen, from my local comic shop, Stories, came down from Richmond with one the of owners, they drove down from Richmond in a rental that was hastily acquired after the owners car got flooded out on a new stretch of toll road up there with poor drainage, it was her first Dragon*Con so I gave her the 2 penny tour of the hotels, hamster tubes, and food court. She was staying at the Marriott with some of the bosses friends, saw the room and noticed that the rooms in the Marriott were quite small, smaller than the Red Roof Inns, quite a surprise. She was down to see the Brit Track stuff after I addicted her to Dr.Who and Torchwood episodes by lending her my collection (guess that makes me a pusher for Russel T. Davis and company), while the owner actually ended up with another group of her friends. Funny thing was the owner Sheryl almost didn't come this year, she had skipped last year and I had to convince her that her friend David Prowse missed her, so much so that he was questioning me last year in the walk of fame as to her where she was since it appeared that they would at least hang out and I guess he wanted a friendly face to pal around with. After the tour Jen headed back to her room and I headed in for the night, to prepare for the great adventure of the convention. To be continued...Part 2 at the con coming soon
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