GoldFyre (notnormal23224) wrote,

September a month of WTF?!?

It's been one of those months so far, my lady sailgersor is in the hospital for since Thursday, bunches of tests being run, she came down with some virus last weekend at a barbecue party for the Brotherhood (local motorcycle club), but had recovered from that only to be hospitalized for the chemical imbalances it left her with (a lot to do with the tumor still on her Parathyroid gland). A lot of tests haven't heard any results yet they said they may let her go today but that's up in the air.
The financial community has gone insane, fortunately my firm is still kicking about but is circling some other firms like a shark for merger (buy out) possibilities, at least that's what the rumor mill says (One firm to rule them all. One firm to find them. One firm to bring them all and in the darkness buy them). So my job is still safe, whew, wouldn't know where I'd come up with $80 grand to pay off daughter's college dept and my credit cards, if the job vanished. On the subject of job I've been working long hours with precious little time for me, my DVR is going to explode if I don't watch some of the programs I have on it, I did steal a few minutes here and there to watch, True Blood on HBO, my box will be getting a lot of exercise this season. My video games are being sadly neglected, with "Metal Gear Solid 4" beckoning me back to my PS3 and "Infinite Undiscovery" on my 360 remaining largely just that, and my poor Wii turning gray from dust.
The political climate is also in full meltdown with the bizzarro world clone of McCain flip flopping (I used to like this guy back when he ran against Bush), and his running mate proving her VP worth, you know buy refusing to cooperate with an investigation into her claiming that it's run by Obama's folks even though it started before anyone had an inkling that she would be the republican VP choice, that and private email accounts being used to discuss government business (that's illegal you know). Funny thing about this whole campaign I wasn't a big Obama supporter until McCain took the low road and lost his mind, you know calling Obama an elitist while McCain was sporting $150 shoes and $1000 dollar suits and needs a staff to keep track of how many houses he owns, completely lying about Obama's record even on issues where they both voted the same way, yup the straight talk express derailed and the John McCain from those earlier elections was replaced by a pod person. Politics suck, I'm still voting just hope the next guy can at least get us somewhat away from the precipice of doom.
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