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Day 4 Mediawest Trek: Departing Columbus, Ohio reaching Toledo

Day 4, we rolled out of bed at 10:30 and rushed to make the 11:00 check out time. We were out by 11:02.

Tried to locate my friend in Columbus, no luck spoke to one of our mutual friends in New York, was chatting him up about his wife's upcoming child and a trip that we had all planned to take, let him know I was in Ohio, and he told me our mutual buddy was now in Toledo area (good thing that's on my way). Took some pictures of downtown Columbus, then we stopped at the outskirts to pick up lunch at a White Castles followed up by a hot chocolate at Panera's.
Not much to see on the journey between Columbus and Toledo, we did stop at one historic site at a rest stop, it was about an escaped slave from the south and a court case that caused quite a stir. Was too tired at the time to remember to take pics of that, should have since there wasn't much else interesting. Stopped at a adult video store for kicks but they frown on pics on their property so no fun there.

Reached Toledo by about 6PM on our liesurely trek, checked in to a Quality Inn (hey $50 cupon in road magazine cool), got dinner delivered to room, which cost more than all our other meals up to now combined (to be fair it was 12oz Prime Rib, stuffed mushrooms and a a salad from an mid scale resturaunt). We spotted a cool custom bike in the lot and chatted up the owner got some neat pics of that.

Final leg of the journey is today, we should be arriving in Lansing for the convention this afternoon.
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