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Day 5 Mediawest Trek: Welcome to Michigan

Yahoo we made it! Yesterday's travels had us within hours of Lansing, Michigan. We left at 11AM sharp (didn't over sleep this time. Only let fown was I couldn't reach my lost friend in Toledo. We made it into Michigan and picked up the obligatory map at the visitor center. Nice little rest stop with some cool woods around it.

 I had one minor mishap with a cup at another restop, the new cup had a hole in the bottom so needless to say I got screwed when I poured juice into it. Good thing I had plenty of clean clothes. We managed to get into Lansing and the hotel at 2PM and attempted to settle in at our hotel the Day's Inn (on waiting list for the Con hotel, the Holiday Inn. It's always fun to find out consturctions going on in your hotel, and even more fun when the room you get looks like something from Silent Hill with the smoke detector gone, pealing wallpaper, and the bathroom light having a short in it.  A quick call and they moved us to a much improved room but to be honest even the smallest motel we stayed at in the depessed area of West Virgina had better rooms, at least it was passable.

Even after getting this room it still had problems, such as a weak AC (they are fixing that right now As I type from the lobby of the actual MediaWest*con hotel) but we'll live, of course if a room becomes available in the convention hotel we'll snatch it up. Well we had dinner at an all you can eat Chinese buffet place, and then I finally got to see Spiderman 3, and even better I saw it on an IMAX screen. They had a cool lifesize diorama of the Simpsons for the movie, shame they wouldn't let folks sit on the extra space for a picture (by the way Sony your anti-shake tech doesn't work)

Well I'll write more later until then, enjoy!
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