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Darkness to Light to Darkness to Light....

January 25th, 2008

02:40 pm - 43 years + 1 day and counting

Today is the start of my 43rd year. Birthday came and went yesterday. highlighted by some fun and games with my lady, down from the her domain in NJ, dinner at Outback (Coconut shrimp, bushman shrooms, salmon, and lobster tail: I can hear my doctor scowling now), and a seeing Depp in Sweeney Todd. I guess it's a bit of self indulgence and fun since my doctor is a bit worried about stuff, my day started off with a visit to the office for a follow up urine sample, hopefully routine but pre-screening of the sample from my physical earlier this month showed blood in it as did the rectal examine, that has earned me a referral for a colonoscopy (February 7th oh joy). So the worry machine has begun. I wasn't too concerned at first but the doctors facial expressions were speaking volumes, when I was perfectly fine saying better safe than sorry, and now asking for a follow up of a sample rattles me a bit.
So now I'm all set for a weekend of wanton debauchery with my lady and just trying to keep my mind off of issues. Seems like we both have our own set of medical issues to worry about, hers are more concrete and are awaiting actual surgery, mine are still in the maybe stage for serious stuff but the blood pressure is under control, and hopefully the cholesterol will be back on track (although some weight gain has happened so that might not be so good). Hopefully I'll have a stress free fun weekend, at least I got my birthday off from my job and took the day after off to.
Right now I'm looking at my issues from the glass half full perspective, I don't know if there are any real issues yet, and even if there are I'll deal with them as they come. Just a bit of a pain if there are makes the third year in a row for medical stuff for me (bone spur surgery, rectal "blockage" are the other 2 years) although I really shouldn't count last years adventures in the hospital since they were due to personal misadventures.
Family issues aren't as annoying as they have been, or at least I've gotten used to them, the ex still isn't paying child support and my daughter still doesn't want me to go after her for it, but at least I get the satisfaction of knowing every time she does bone headed stuff involving our daughter, the daughter catches on more and more that either mommy's mean or isn't all there in the head. Frankly, if it's just her being mean that would probably be less devastating to her than there actually being some sort of mental issues, unfortunately a lot of the signs are pointing to the latter being the underlying problem, this is just from judging by how her conversations with our daughter go, and the last communication I got from her last year.
Well I've made it through my my first blog posting for the year, now I just have to see if I can make more regularly.
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