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Darkness to Light to Darkness to Light....

February 7th, 2008

06:49 pm - Specialist Reassurances

Had a visit to the proctologist today, form my doctors referral. Ah what a joy that my doc referred me to a different group of colon specialist than her nurse practitioner had before, the joy of re doing all the paperwork, which I did on-line at their site before going but their computer system is refusing to let the mortals access it so, surprise, waste a half hour redoing it with the gaping holes because I didn't have my meds in front of me to list dosages, and totally vaped on the antibiotic that I'm allergic too (also at home with the handy note and my doc forgot to include on the info sent over to them). All this just to have the doc take a look at me and ask how I got the tummy scar (gee that part of the chart not sent over as well, would have been nice to have gone back to the other proctologist I saw last year huh?). Well the good news is that he reassures me that there is only a 1 in 100 chance for someone my age to have an issue and that perhaps my results that worried my doctor could be nothing at all. So we set our special date for the real fun to begin on March 10th, where they'll take an in depth look, after they treat me to my prescription cocktail for the day before to clean me out. Darn I should have asked if I could get video of the procedure for my own morbid curiosity.

Well at least the last few weeks were full of fun and games had a visit from my lady love, and got through my birthday back on the 24th and the weekend after with some fun kinky games (which led to my new look, and have been posted on some of my other groups that I'm in). That went well. My daughter came home the weekend after, they crossed paths for a day and my little one had her normal fill of my lover, she just doesn't like a lot of her quirks, and really wants to set me up with her professor's mom (who sounds way too nice and stable for me to be inflicted on, but she is rich she counters). After that my daughter got to chatting about our love lives and her own issues after my lover went home, college life (note to self must send cookie care package to daughter), her dead cell phone (which actually makes her happy she hates cell phones, complete opposite of most of her generation concerning that all other tech she's fine with), the ex and all the rest of the usual suspects.

The weekend after this one I think I might just take a random drive to clear my head and to see exactly how far I can drive during a weekend on my own. Maybe take some time to get some pictures and just go off somewhere with no concrete direction and turn back when I've burned up half the 3 day weekend (better make sure we are off that presidents day before going). Trying to work out my travel plans for the rest of the year for year with MediaWest con coming up in May; flying to that, and DragonCon in August; debating between flying and driving - flying is actually cheaper and possibly less time consuming than driving, gas prices are painful and my long distance driving is awful, but if I could get a couple of ride sharers for my SUV that could cut costs and help with the driving chores (it may just be a 9 hour drive for normal folks but for me and my lover I really don't think we've done it in less than 2 days with all our stops then nappy times at hotel on route). Ah well back to work.
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