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Darkness to Light to Darkness to Light....

February 19th, 2008

08:50 pm - The Tuesday after the journey.

Well I'm back and the journey went well.
The long drive on Saturday was a stretch with a great highlight in and around the Cherokee reservation. Great scenery throughout Leaving early did help and having 60 Gigabytes of tunes to keep me company with the GPS (occasionally ignored to catch a site or two)

I encountered the Salty Dog just before full blown Cherokee Reservation, got a great seefood meal for under 25 bucks, threw in 5+ bucks for a tip to bring it to an even $30. Great random and strange decor from the kids drawings on the ceiling to the fish walking dogs, lots of great paintings around and very clean bathrooms!

Ended the 521 mile run in Murphy, NC a stones throw outside of Tennessee. The Day's Inn I stopped at resisted any good outside photography by being wedged in with just enough room on the strip for parking, not attached but not a large lot, either. The room was decent and the internet connection was OK (WiFi B grade not the fastest), I was able to stream Torchwood from my home but it seems Comcast may be wonking out the connection a bit. I was able to watch it but not that great quality. The room did have a Fridge and a microwave so I was able to reheat my leftovers from Salty Dog so that was a plus. After that I hit the sack for the night.

The next day I found I had blown a fuse in my car on the extra power jack, thank goodness I have more than one. switched to the other jack would check out the fuses if I happen upon an auto shop at random. I didn't get started until after 8AM, Headed off towards Ducktown, TN and from there would start the journey back via Tennessee to Virginia skipping North Carolina, It's a longer but supposedly faster leg. But the late start did get to me, that and still being tired from the other day made a lot of stops, almost got eaten by a rogue park pit toilet that practically fell apart like like baby bears chair in Goldilocks (fortunately the hole under the toilet and over the pit wasn't big enough to fit my rear). My jacket bore the brunt of liquid mess on the floor and hopefully I'll get the stench out.

A lot of great scenery but with all my stops, including a failed attempt to get a fuse at an Autozone (opening the fuse box was thwarted by another cover that was bolted on under the snap off), and trying to out run the storm coming up (Epic Fail) Totaled only 325 miles on Sunday ended up in Wytheville, VA after 7PM with a lot of rain coming down. Dined at the Peking Restaurant it was right next door to Wytheville's Day's Inn, I checked it to the Day's Inn first for a quick shower and change of clothes (needed both badly after the fight with the park bathroom, oh did I forget to mention that bathroom had no running water? Yup, I did and it didn't fortunately I had a spare large bottle of water and some alcohol and peroxide, helped with cleaning before the hotel). I had some egg rolls, tea, and Dragon Meets Phoenix for dinner. The Tab came up to $15 for a lot of food and great service. I dropped another $5 on that meal as well to round up to $20, they seemed completely shocked that I not only tipped but tipped well. The room was much like the last one but no fridge or microwave, but much better internet access (WiFi of the G flavor so it was fast)

After one final look around I was off on the last leg home. Stopped a number of rest stopps and scenic overlooks got in more hiking at the rest stops. Saw some cows, and generally just did the touristy thing until I settled out back home in the afternoon (oh yeah I split the difference on leaving, not pre-dawn but not near the noon check out either) finished off at 262 miles for the day before getting home to collapse and just get ready for the work grind today.

Total driving over the 3 days was 1108 miles, spent $109.29 on gas at an average of $2.937/Gallon. It was fun but I definitely am considering letting others do my driving if I have to get somewhere by a certain time. Perhaps a trail run on Greyhound, just to remind me why I've been driving the past few years (the horror wears off after being away from them awhile).

[Edit working on the images, they will be up shortly]
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