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Darkness to Light to Darkness to Light....

March 26th, 2008

09:40 pm - Saturday, no need to spank any monkeys time to party with them and booze brain cells

I started off the day finishing the leftovers from Friday night’s Burger dinner from the Hotel restaurant (pretty good by the way). Left a real cool face print on my white pillow case from Marrus’ face painting but managed to not smudge it up too much, showering without destroying that work was a challenge but I managed it. By now my shyness level had dropped to me just wearing the corset and the felt panty/thong things that I had picked up. I caught part of the piercing panel by Catherine, mainly seemed to be aimed at tops, though and had a small chuckle to myself realizing how lucky I was after having one of the major don’t ever done to me during a play session in my youth, 50 times to be exact ask me and I’ll spill gory details, I am amazed that I still function and the only permanent damage isn’t apparent in form or function to anyone but me, still I wonder how it would have been to have permanent alterations rather than letting them heal over.
I had to leave the class to get to the naked twister competition in the game room that I had signed up for. Unfortunately only one other and myself gent showed up for that event all the others who signed up blew it off. I ended up playing Apples to Apples fun game but nothing naughty to it. After that and a whirl around the dealer’s room I sat in on the Psych of BDSM from Darkfirewolfe panel, and the later “Detecting Psych disorder in Subs” panel by Marcus, both great panels wished I’d hit his other panel “Spiritual Aspects of BDSM” just to get a mystic angle on things, but as stated in the earlier blog Friday was a train wreck of things to do for me. After Marcus’ panel I saw Goddess Sadie with her slave Alan in tow, we were both asking Marcus questions and I would also listen in on the questions she was asking him, her slave Alan when separated from her did try to talk about being black and submissive to me but not being sure whether or not he was allowed to be particularly free and chatty (found out later he was then) I gave a quick and short reply but not something I can even remember let alone anything close to satisfactory for him (yup I still have all the social grace of a train wreck at times). Later on we did get to chat a bit and I apologized (at least I hope so I had alcohol in me at the time), when his Goddess was out of earshot for a moment, in the Monkey Lounge more on that in a second.
I wandered around a bit, talked to Marrus while she dashed off to a party on the second floor, got a decent Salmon dinner form the hotel restaurant, Chatted with some fine people over dinner (once again the name disconnect happens in my head although I'm sure that later party events may be helping some of that) then went to check out the expanded dungeon for the Guilty Pleasures party chatted up with a couple that I met (Terri and ...argh the name suffers the horrible fate of my mind again, well her boyfriend) at the cuddle party and folks that I added a new twist to “____ diving” with the pool cuddle (fill in the blank, let mind be creative and you'll get the idea). It turns out that I missed my bathrobe cloaked neighbor's knock at my door for cuddle party part III in his room and he was hoping for the space of mine as well, I'm a bit bummed about that, but it was made up by the fun and games had at the Monkey Lounge party (and no poo was flung). That was a wild party for me and I did get to snuggle a bit with someone I really enjoyed and then later I got to chat with Goddess Stephanie and her slave. Thankfully Goddess Stephanie (definitely a memorable name and yes it helped having a cheat sheet in the form of a card from her) approached and talked to me first which totally let me get over my shyness, although I think I blathered for a bit at first, booze helped that, but she was forgiving and we had a nice chat followed by a spanking from her and some nipple play whenever my man boobs popped out of the corset I was wearing. All in all the night spun out fast and I found dawn approaching when I left the party to go to my room and found out about cuddle party III as it broke up just then. It was 5:15AM wow the night went fast.

Sunday and Monday to come
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