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Darkness to Light to Darkness to Light....

April 27th, 2008

04:56 pm - Taxes, House Repairs, Conventions, Work and Life in general

Well tax season has come and gone and I currently have the illusion of a refund in my account (it's only real until I look at my bills). So much stuff that needs cash to be thrown at it, last weeks rainstorms sprung a roof leak, the roof isn't bad off but the gutters are clogged with dead tree debris so I'll have to get them cleaned, I had some interior damage adding to already dodgy ceilings, which the insurance company has cut a check for already, calling contractors to get the work done and fixed, and while there here I might as well throw in the rest of the repairs I need too, but that will come out of pocket. My dead dryer has been replaced but my electric fuse panel needs work.

I was in and out this weekend at RavenCon a local smallish Sci-Fi con, it was fun and I got to meet some nice folks, have dinner with some authors, chat with a Paranormal Investigator and others, but as fate would have it my job got in the way of real fun. A co-worker dumped a change that he was supposed to do on Saturday night which meant I had to cut chatting short (sorry Rowan)and miss out on parties to do his work, but I could use the overtime since I had missed some work with an eye infection, it was so bad I scared my manager and she ordered me to the doctor, weird thing was it was perfectly fine until I arrived at work. It looks like April was just one of those bad months heath wise for me, my doctor's office might start charging me rent at this rate. It was a bit odd to commute back and forth to a convention. I had one SWS (Small World Syndrome) event with the authors when we started chatting about my favorite story teller Neil Gaiman, where the wife of one of the authors quoted a question I asked him at Balticon a couple of years back and I chuckled and let her know I was the inquisitive gent asking about dysfunctional families to the dream king.

All in all I packed a bunch of stuff into one weekend, but still need more time to do more, I had to beg off on a computer repair for a friend this afternoon (didn't want to screw with it while exhausted). I did catch the latest Dr. Who episode (thank you Bit Torrent) and last week I got to see Across the Universe on Blu-Ray satisfying the Beatles Geek in me. I was supposed to get FIOS installed last Wednesday but they lost my order, put together a better package and will try again next Wednesday, so one more week tethered to Comcast's bad service. This week really shows me why I need to be independently wealthy, not filthy rich mind you, but have just enough where I don't have to work and can explore.
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