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Darkness to Light to Darkness to Light....

May 10th, 2008

06:08 pm - Not so many adventures this month except life itself....

Well we are now well into May, tax season is gone and I got a decent return and the wonderful stimulus check (sarcasm folks that check eaten by the high gas prices). My daughter's closing out her junior year in college and is going on a week long camping adventure in the Blue Ridge mountains to recover from school and my Ex's rantings. My Ex-Wife was upset with our daughter for filing her own taxes (still listing herself as my dependent), she wanted to claim her as a dependent despite the fact that I'm paying our daughters tuition, medical bills and she's residing with me, and the Ex is now 1 year + in arrears in her child support payments. I really wish she'd at least stop trying to pull guilt trips on our child, especially when she's not living up to her agreements or even sending a dime our child's way.

The house is suffering from a leak and needs some repairs, insurance has cut the check now just waiting to hear back from the 2 contractors who have gone over the property for the insurance repairs and the list of stuff I'm going out of pocket for to fix, like new gutters, new doors, railings and step and such. Not so much fun waiting. Busy rearranging the household, finally cleared the ex's abandoned stuff out of one of the 3 rooms, turning it into a home office, once I clear the another room I'll make that my new master bedroom and leave the upstairs to my daughter. It's one of those projects that is currently looking like it is in limbo no matter how much I get rid of, scratch that it almost looks like more junk is invading as I do it. Of course as I do things to clean up and organize stuff vanishes, sometimes big things sometimes little things, only to be found again when I'm looking for something else. One fun thing was I had gotten a box freed up to return elizebethjoy 's Sari she lent me at Frolicon, hand washed it in cold water, hung it to dry, boxed it up and was ready to mail it when the paper with her contact info vanished, despite the fact that I deliberately left it in my laptop bag (so it wouldn't get lost), or at least I think I did. I'll have to chalk it up to house gnomes, ghosts, or other fanciful folks (it can't be my memory, no way, not a chance, uh what was I talking about?). That goes right up there with key's and gadgets that all seem to reappear when I'm looking for some other thing and mysteriously in places I know I looked for them in. At this rate I'll be hand delivering it at Dragon*Con.

On the subject of conventions I've firmed up my May con plans for Balticon I'll be there from Thursday until Monday, sharing a room with my lady sailgersor and our friend sodyera . We will rinse and repeat the process for June and Contata. Both will probably be my last driving excursions for the year due to the soaring price of gas. The verdict is now in on travel my round trip plane ticket from Richmond to Atlanta and my ladies ticket from Newark to Atlanta for Dragon*Con officially cost less then a round trip of driving from Richmond (including the cheapest way to get her here for the journey. I may go back to driving next year but will need extra gas splitting drivers on the journey). Come to think of it I'd be willing to split the ride or pickup passengers for anyone traveling from Richmond along the way to Parsippany, NJ for Contata, yeah I know offering internet strangers a ride is risky business I might get an axe murderer or something. Well If I do hopefully they'll be an interesting psychotic type, I can't stand being bored to death. ;-)

Almost forgot I got a new hairstyle today!
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