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Darkness to Light to Darkness to Light....

May 25th, 2008

02:45 pm - Balticon fun with musical interludes

My friends arrived on Thursday as planned, and the one casualty of the journey was sodyera   's mandolin "Teresa" has another case of Balticon itis (last time it suffered a pressure accident) so we took a trip down Catonsville to Appalachian Bluegrass Shoppe to examine the viability of a repair. They estimated $60 (parts additional) and a 18 day wait. A little bit of a surprise happend for her and she adopted "Harry" the mandolin as a replacement. So we all were still gifted with her wonderful music and voice at Balticon and the upcoming Contata.
Registration went well and the opening ceremonies were fun (note looking for my USB cable to transfer pictures). I got a bit ambushed in a fun way, the "Everything You Wanted to Know About Filk" panel when I walked in late and realized they were asking about everyone's filk experience (I'm a listener haven't written or performed yet). I stuck around for the open filk, and the various eulogizes for the filkers who have recently past such as Lois Mangan and Robert Asprin, amongst the notables. They will be missed. The majority of the evening embraced the wide variety of great musically tradition of fandom and of course I found myself closing out my evenings of the convention at the open filk sings, lots of fun stuff and silly stuff too, best experienced rather than described.
Saturday was a return trip to Appalachian Bluegrass Shoppe for sailgersor   to pick out a guitar that she could call her own and a dealer's room draining of my funds round 2 (yeah hit it on Friday too), and of course spending went in earnest. Dinners on Thursday was at the excellent new Japanese restaurant in the village, and some food supplies for the hotel room from Wegman's supermarket, Friday was in the hotel, Saturday was more random stuff including a stop off in Mcdonalds (shoot me).
I had to fix a hotel snafu with the reservations, on Sunday morning and a dip in the pool as well as the hot tub, to relieve the stiffness and lack of sleep.
Sunday's con activities: I caught the "Singularity" event that Stranger Things was promoting. Pretty nice show and their surprise announcement was that the show was now picked up for syndication on various cable on-demand services also for free. They have some excellent stuff go fourth and download it's free and good.
I had my Tarot read later on during the day and of course plenty of talking with other fans and authors (warning shameless plugs to follow) such as Pamela K. Kinney who wrote Haunted Richmond that I knew and a few that recognized me from my Dragon Con journal postings. The Bad Ass Faeries II launch party was fun, I then went sampling some videos here and there as well as spinets of other panels and more, swag collecting from the dealers room. Once again I'm in the open filk currently, probably will see if I can catch some parties ( or filk to dawn) now will post again soon hopefully with a wrap up.
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