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Darkness to Light to Darkness to Light....

May 27th, 2008

09:00 pm - The Tuesday After Balticon

Tuesday night, recovering from the convention still. It was fun and I've gotten my pictures of my adventures loaded to my photobucket account. On Monday there was an Arthur C. Clarke memorial filk that I went too, just before the dead dog filking began and the eventual breakup and drifting away of the various convention folks. After the convention I visited a local park for awhile just to be around nature and to start out a bit later, just to test my theory that I'm less tired driving at night (and it worked too) I've got my photo's up on Photo Bucket here's a link to the slide show of all of them in no particular order. I've been meaning to upgrade the camera, even though it's a 7 Megapixel cam it just has issues with the actual pictures it takes, but that will be an adventure for another time, it still works, will probably be the last Sony Camera for me. Stringing together thought just isn't working well right now so enjoy the pictures and if I can think of anything earth shattering I'll post it.

Next convention: Contata
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