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Darkness to Light to Darkness to Light....

July 7th, 2008

05:26 pm - One of those months...

It's been one of those months, got the news that a performer I really liked wasn't showing to an even I was going to because he had an accident that needed an operation (filkertom )and it just went down hill from there. Actors and comedians whose work I loved died (Good journey George Carlin, Don S. Davis, and any others I've missed). Found out a good friend and former lover had cancer and a collapsed lung, and my current lover (sailgersor)suffered a heart attack while on a camping trip and almost died (oh yeah that put the kibosh on her upcoming operation for other medical conditions).

Whew, guess it was time for some good news, My daughter made the Dean's List at her university (Way to go my genetic spawn! Soon you'll rule the world Bwahahahah), another performer who I like is showing up to Dargon*Con (Hooray Voltaire!), filkertom is recovering, as is my lover sailgersor whom I got together with at Contata (which was still great even though Tom Smith was sorely missed). Home repairs and improvements are done (at least the ones I could afford at the moment), so the next great project is room rearrangement, Part one the home office is 90% done but the moving of the master bed room from upstairs to downstairs is still being worked on. All that and I won $30 in the lottery (hey it's better than nothing).

Here's hoping for things to continue getting better.
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