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An adventure in the planning stages...

Before I went to MediaWest con this year something local had caught my eye and got me thinking. A car dealer near me was starting to rent class C RVs. These aren't the monster buss sized ones like in the Robin Williams movie, nor were they the van sized ones, they were about the size of a large sized pickup truck with a large growth out the back, they had 2 models one that fit 5 and one that fit 7 (I take both numbers with a grain of salt) not ugly but not an object de art either (especially with the "Rent Me" adds on them), but they were new and un-rented as of yet. Cost was a pretty penny, but not an insane price and since it was only the 2 of us on this journey it didn't make sense, but it got me thinking with more time and with me actually attempting to socialize in my own shy and inevitably clumsy way.
Well at MediaWest con someone posted a map with pins for people's locations. I stuck my pin in Richmond and upon checking back was surprised to see at least three more appear, so an idea was born. Since my significant other had to travel from New Jersey anyway, and we were planning on driving down to Dragon*con I decided to put out there the possibility of having a true road trip with multiple folks with similar plans and interest. So I search Live Journal to see if they had something similar to MediaWest's group and they did, so I posted. So far I've gotten 3 folks either interested in coming aboard or traveling with us, in their own vehicle(s) with one of the 3 floating the possibility of a larger group. So now I'm going to nail down the actual costs for this journey, by checking with the local guy on his RVs and of course actually checking out his competition as well. An ambitious plan but one that I'm glad to launch. It's a fun idea, and a good distraction from my job's current uncertainty, well at least I still have one for now, but their upcoming headquarter move to St. Louis isn't all that encouraging (don't ask publicly, policy prevents me from saying who I work for on these boards).
So now it looks like it may shape up to be a caravan of sorts to Dragon*con convention, and with an RV in the mix it brings up fun possibilities, for supplies and extra crash space for the convention. It was a bit of a stretch for me to come out of my shell and actually ask but I was emboldened by the fact that this weekend I actually met a few folks into some of my other hobbies and didn't turn into a pile of dust actually making new friends who didn't happen to be at a place that I had to go to shop for hobby stuff. A great project for my social life, a good chance to meet more people and make new friends something to look forward to.
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