GoldFyre (notnormal23224) wrote,

Working out my DragonCon Travel plans

Well I may have enough people to make an Class C RV rental a good idea, I broke down the costs ($1500 for the rental or about $250 (6 people)-$300 (5 people) per person:that's stacking 400 "we got lost" miles on the rental so it'll probably be less, Gas is still a variable), checked with the hotel, and got folks interested. The plan may be expanding into a convoy of sorts since the one response from actually in Richmond was keen on the idea of a group traveling together, but with additional vehicles involved (and he likes Voltaire so that's real cool). So now I've been futzing with my GPS software and found a feature that should please the map lover in my life (see Mediawest travel logs I've posted for that one) And have come up with a tentative route. This is the direct route, I've also have come up with more rural travel routes, and a mixed rout but both of those do take quite a bit more time, yeah I know my plans have me leaving on the 28th but the hotel says if I'm not there by the 29th all bets are off on the parking space for the fannish ark, so the other options would be leaving earlier (more money for the rental and mileage) or some real insane driving shifts for the scenic routes (which would probably mean we wouldn't get to see anything along them anyway).
So here is the proposed route of our adventure, starting on the 28th:

Tags: adventure, dragon*con, dragoncon, mediawest, rv, travel
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