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Weekend's drive...

I spent this past weekend driving up to NYC with my 19 year old daughter in tow to visit my Mum and go to a farewell party for my old churches former priest (he's after my tenure there but he's a cool guy and we share politics so I wanted to wish him luck). Now just to clear up any potential questions about my religious leanings that may come from that past statement, if asked what my religion is the answer is "yes". Confusing enough now? That's the point.
Anyway, despite my obvious love for gadgets and electronic toys, early on in the computer revolution when I used to map my way out to NYC, I always used to change the directions for sanity sake, knowing that some areas were the equivalent to a mind numbing sentence to hell to travel through, this time however I wanted to spend as little time on the road as possible and I didn't want to skip the NJ-Staten Island-Brooklyn jaunt since that actually was quicker, but I wasn't all that comfortable doing it, so normally I drove into Manhattan to get to Brooklyn (silly waste of time I know, but that was easy for me). Well the last leg wasn't the problem, the middle leg was, I normally tell all computerized directions taking me through or near DC local streets to die in a fire and take the beltway around to avoid all of the insanity all together, this time I goofed and went into DC...well it was a nice tour and finally gave up and followed road signs when I caught one after getting lost and remembering that once in a while I should shut down my laptop instead of hibernating it (memory was scrambled eggs and it took that opportunity to freak out the GPS program). It was an adventure turning the 6-7 hour ride into 11-12 but we got there after a few more detours to get around traffic issues and still getting caught in other traffic issues, and rest stops (for me my daughter was fine, need to get her to get her license so she can drive some though). The return trip Sunday went a bit better except Delaware became a slow ebbing parking lot for 2 hours due to some construction at the toll leaving Delaware. Made it back by Midnight (amazingly only took 2 bathroom breaks and no naps this time) and didn't turn into a pumpkin. Worse parts were having to drag myself out of be to get to work by 8AM, but I did, got stuff done there and worked the second half of the day from home, really sucky stuff was being in NYC for such a short time, didn't get to visit my Lady love in NJ, or any of my NYC buddies not enough time to do so. I did get to see my brother, his #2 wife, and one of my nephews from his clan (9, 10 kids? I lost count), he was back from Egypt for awhile, Wife #1 is still over there holding down the fort, yeah 2 wives, me I barely survived and divorced one, and have no plans on becoming something or subscribing to another way of life to take advantage of the poligamy plan.
Well that was the tiring weekend for me but at least it was fun and it was good to spend some time with my daughter before she jaunts back to college, even if she continues to mention how many of her MP3's I "borrowed" form her collection. We had fun getting lost playing back music at 2 to 3 times the speed just to get a laugh while stuck in traffic, her ribbing me on how socially inept I am at the farewell party, and me thankfully not dancing in public (you know the myth about rhythm? I disprove it) all in all it made me feel good that My Ex and I raised a good kid despite ourselves.
Still looking forward to Dragon*Con but the way things are looking will probably have to scale back or just change some plans, the RV idea isn't floating with just one other party interested on boarding and that isn't a sure thing (reminder to self get deposit back). I'm now looking at taking an extra day off and hitting the EMC1 (Eastern Media Con 2007) the weekend before in NJ with my lover then take her down from there to Dragon*Con on a longer drive than originally planned. We may may end up with a dealer friend of ours visiting from England tagging along, not sure how we'll fit her stuff in my Saturn Vue but I'm sure we'll work something out.
Tags: dc, dragon*con, dragoncon, eastern media con 2007, emc1, gps, laptop, traffic, travel
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