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Waiting for shoes to fall

A new day has come and I actually got a email reply from the ex, where she spilled her current dire straights, having her gas turned off (use only for cooking and she rarely did that and the microwave was her friend), about having to pay $26 and spend 5 hours a day commuting to her job up north since she can't afford to move; mental math note most folks spending $650 a month on an apartment and at least $520 on transportation would figure out they could spend $900 a month on a much nearer apartment and pocket the change, I hit Craig's list and entered a pricing range of $900-1170 and Viola, apartments including stuff like this $995 all utilities included and 28 minutes from where she's working. She said she didn't want to tell me for "obvious" reasons, and that she felt that I lacked compassion and was humiliating her over her situation (you know the one she didn't tell me about), funny how things can change so quickly from the phone conversation we had where I congratulated her on her new job, and how she bragged about making so much more money and being able to work at home for part of the week. The mail was rambling and very disjointed, complained about our deteriorating communication (and whose fault is that? I've called, emailed and was nice about stuff until now).
It seems that the reply was a rambling, disjointed, grammatical mess, and how she was hurt by the last mail, come on the only thing that hurt her would have been Christina finding out that she was lying about paying child support, anything else she had precipitated by saying "let's talk" and meeting my other civil replies and offers to work with her with dead silence. Once more she was trying to be the victim, trying to make me look like an ogre, especially to our child, the one good thing was as I pointed out to my daughter was that her mail and all of my other replies were in that last email, so she could see I was willing to work with the ex but she didn't even want to talk to me. *sigh* I replied that I didn't appreciate her exaggerating (I avoided using the term out right lying) to our daughter about the so-called ban, comparing her not having keys to my house to the fact that I don't have keys to her apartment, and that the money she owed me wasn't the important thing, it seems she missed the whole point of my last mail, even though I had every right to sick legal dogs on her I was asking for the conversation she requested, before I did anything. I expressed a concern for her mental state based on what she said and how it was said (expecting sympathy from people who you refuse to let them know there's an problem in your life, not particularly stable persons reasoning), I felt both of us needed some form of therapy, even letting her in on the fact that I was looking into such for myself. I also hinted at the chilling statement made by my daughter about "when she finds out who's lying to her...", that doesn't worry me since I spilled my guts to her, but the last thing I want would be for the ex to screw up her relationship with our child by her finding out on her own what the ex was up to.
Well here it is 3 days after I sent the reply no response, and she won't answer her phone, typical.
Tags: communication, daughter, divorce, madness
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