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Exhausting week, illness, weekend fun, and evil jobs

Another long week at the job, ended with me working until 1AM Saturday and muttering about why some of our team gets overtime while others are exempt. My team that was joined to the other team are supposed to take "comp time" which almost never works out due to the volume of work, meetings, or projects. My college attending daughter was back this week for dental surgery and a session of Daddy can you fix my computer. Surgery went well, the computer repair wen t sideways, got want she wanted fixed but lost the boot record on her data drive, so now looking for recovery software (more specifically FREE recovery software, the demos of the pricey stuff work but won't write the files without a cash investment). Had a big weekend planned with a buddy flying in from New Orleans and my love from NJ, but things didn't completely work out. My Lady was going to be working this week and came down with a nasty infection, so there was no way she was going to make it, and the buddy from the big easy did get here and we hung out a bit and had some fun but his job called him up saying that they desperately needed him back, so he had to catch the last flight out, back to New Orleans (and I thought I had it bad, really sucks to be called back to work from out of state). Well that just leaves me alone again. *Sigh* Well at least I got to see Harry Potter, need to read the bloody books to fill in the obviously missing parts, but finding the time to read again will be a challenge and I'm building up a backlog now of books. Need the gods of fortune to smile upon me with an sizable income not related to working so I can catch up on reading, my unfinished video game collection, and travel.
Tags: computers problems, dentist, friends, lovers, work
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