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Scrambled brains...

Too many incomplete thoughts screaming to get out has lead to a posting drought in my blogs. I find my head spinning with my job relocating my office (yay I don't have to pay for parking, boo I have to commute further and work near my boss (she's cool though)), my daughter's tuition coming due, DragonCon coming up and plans for the trip constantly in flux (looks like I'll be doing one con that week, more on that later), my lover possibly getting foot surgery (hence the plan for one con instead of the Eastern Media 2k7 then DragonCon, and a bit of reverse Deja-Vu since last year I had foot surgery), making arrangements for the cats, and possibly accidentally causing a a bit of a battle on LJ by asking an innocent question (it was about a service someone was offering outside of a conventions' official venue, when i asked about it, someone who provided a similar but not identical service for me in the past may have taken umbrage to potentially loosing a customer to the unofficially provided service, and boy did she respond to the offerer), meeting with buddy into similar things as I am was change and then cut short (my lady was ill so we couldn't all get together at once and he got called back Louisiana after only being here for a few hours by his job, his sucky job conditions trumps mine).
Life is just becoming one big blur, really need to have some down time to get thoughts together, Need to win the lottery so I can retire. Just realized I've been working for the past 24 years of my life, full time for the past 22, scary thought (well the flip side is I do have a lot of the toys that I've wanted and I can eat). I look toward the future with uncertainty, but what fun is there knowing exactly how everything will turn out anyway?
Tags: agony of da feet, conventions, life, lovers, surgery
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