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Stardust with a Stranglehold puts me into a BioShock

A week of media enjoyment for me so far. I got to see Stardust being a big Neil Gaiman fan it's one of the works in my pile of Gaiman goodness to read, which from what I hear is a good thing as they have done some of the traditional Hollywood gutting of the work, so I got to enjoy the movie, and can now settle down to enjoy the graphic novel (maybe I should get the book too to see how the trifecta of changes goes with this). I hit my video game consoles this week and played through the Stranglehold demo on my 360, was mildly amused by it, it may warrant a purchase, now of course I have the quandary of do I go for the 360 version or the PS3 one that comes with the movie that inspired it, "Hard Boiled", in high def, guess I want to see which plays better, that's always the deciding factor in multi-formatted entertainment for me. The biggest jolt of free sampled crack though came from the demo of BioShock, I downloaded and was going to take a quick peak and ended up sucked into it's story and presentation so much so that when the sample ended I wanted to scream since I have to wait a week for the full game. Free demos like this are Evil....need more.
My Pirate boots came today for my outfit for Dragon*Con, they were from SCABoots, pretty impressive timing, they got my order on Sunday and the boots got here today Wednesday, $99.99+12.95 shipping for a total of $112.94, I'm kicking myself for not ordering earlier when they had them going for $89, but still it's way better than over $200.
My cats have to go to the vet tomorrow in preparations for being boarded during my vacation, still trying to find options to that, but my friend who house sat for me last year is going on her own vacation around that time so I can't fault her for having her own life (well I could try, but that wouldn't be nice). The boarding option also eats into my vacation time since I wouldn't be able to leave until that Tuesday, instead of leaving the previous Saturday and just driving in the general direction of Atlanta and site seeing. At $32 a day for boarding the budget is already getting strained. So no EasternMedia Con on the weekend before DragonCon. Even with that cut out it's still a partially play now pay later affair. Speaking of the cats, after tomorrow's vet visit my Ex-wife's cat is "Dusty" is being officially declared as mine since it's been over a year and she hasn't picked him up to take with her and has contributed absolutely nothing to his care. Once I pay his vet bill he's mine now and she isn't getting him back (as if she cares), besides he loves me now, and our other kitty "13" loves having her big adopted brother around.
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