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The Vet adventures

On Thursday evening I got my two lovable undeclared dependants (my cats together for a vet visit in preparation for my vacation, since I may have to board them and need up to date medical records. 13 played her catch me if you can game which ended with her in my arms and in full purr mode and even happier when she got to her carrier ("going on a trip out side? Yippee!"), but poor old dusty (my ex-wife's former cat) was easier to catch but immediately went into the "not the box, no I hate going in the car, travel bad, it's evil, Noooooooooo" mode, poor guy howled and drooled as is he was being marched to the electric chair all the way to the veterinarian (5 Minute drive). The good news was that one year old, 13 wasn't due for any maintenance until October so it was as simple as getting her shot history printed out, the not so good news, but not bad, was that 9 year old Dusty needed updated shots and blood test (he's getting old) since the ex never bothered with vet visits after his neutering (also his first car trip which is now why he hates everything related to travel, the bill $366 (ouchy), but the doc says he seems to be pretty healthy but a bit overweight, and has dry skin (they are testing him for diabetes just in case). Dusty was well behaved (actually terrified, so that made him compliant), and 13 was just plain giddy, exploring the office, climbing the table, hiding behind vets laptop and peering around it to watch the vet type in Dusty's information (13 -"Oh, watcha doing doc? Where's the mouse? I can catch mice you know. Why's Dusty panting like that? Aren't I cute?", Dusty- "Please don't kill me, I'll be good, don't bring any sharp object around, there's no place like home, no place like home....") Pretty uneventful Got the little ones home (after another howling fit from the old guy) and they were both OK, Dusty dashed off and hid for an hour, but came out later and sat on the living room chair next to me for comfort. I love these little guys. Would take them with me but I know Dusty will go nuts on a 10 hour drive (took him on a 4 hour jaunt once, it wasn't pretty), I'm hoping my friend can house sit, not just to save me money (since I plan on paying her anyway) but just so Dusty doesn't have to take a car ride to an unfamiliar place for a week.

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