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Started my journey down to Atlanta early, we left from Richmond today taking the non-speedy way to the con, took the traditional picture but forgot the adapter to transfer them into my PC. We stopped at small independent Italian restaurant named Marino's in Burkenville, VA for some pizza, buffalo wings and an antipasto salad. Some nice sights along the way a beautiful sky shot over South Boston. Our next meal break was a stop in Martinsville at a Sonic, I had a Creamy Coconut smoothy and Lisa had a Creamy Watermelon, also picked up an order of Crispy Jalapeno fries (good but way too few). Once again Verizon's National Broadband access disappoints with the National Broadband coverage, Martinsville Took a detour after driving a bit more in order hit up a decent area for a hotel for the night (over the GPS's ardent objections *Turn around, Go back, no your doing this driving thing all wrong, I'll have my revenge...*), we pulled in to Greensboro, I pulled over searched my Trip Rewards account for local hotels, found one then went to the GPS for the directions (*oh you need me now, revenge is mine!*) well a 5 minute drive took an hour since the GPS started acting up and ended up refusing to tell me when I needed to make critical turns (*ha you didn't turn around before when I told you to, now you will pay!*) it took human directions to save us from the missed turn hell. We finally pulled into the Super 8 Hotel and turned in for the night at about 10PM.

Update: here are the first day's pictures
Tags: computer overlords, dragoncon, gps, travel
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