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MediaWest*Con The Long Way Day 1

We Started out on the journey from Richmond on Saturday at the early hour of 3PM 
or so (you know how it is you plan to leave at the crack of dawn then roll over
realizing once you've hit your 40's the crack of dawn is the late afternoon).
Armed with my trusty laptop, a Garmin GPS dongle, and tethered high speed EVDO
Internet access thank to my Verizon hand held phone ("It's the network" yeah
right more on that later, lets just say I'm typing in notepad right now not just
to proof read but...), cameras, a cooler with ice, ice cream, juice, and stuff
plus the normal suitcases full of clothes, my lady love having pretty much the
same minus GPS and only WiFi on her laptop, and Cingular cell phone (no
Internet), and her requisite luggage, and we had enough prescription drugs between
the two of us to open our own pharmacy (stuff to recover from my operation,
staples out now by the way, blood pressure pills for two, cholesterol pills,
allergy pills, aspirin, etc.)set off on the journey. A quick glance at Google
Earth for directions we got our bearing and the debate about her love of the
unwieldy paper maps and my love of having my Delorme Street atlas and Google
Earth starts as usual. For some reason she still thinks paper maps are superior
to me having the entire maps, with points of interest, phone numbers, etc in the
computer, even after last years Dragon*Con post adventure to a cabin that wasn't
listed on any of the printed maps but my street atlas found it just fine (and
gave verbal turn by turn directions which drives her nuts), the debate continues
as I type this on day 2 of the trip. I came to a happy medium only using the GPS
as a guideline and after spending some time on the interstate highways I even set
it to have us drive down a state highway that we spotted at our first rest stop.

After the rest stop we drove a bit more on interstate 64 until we hit route 250, this was a
more direct path into West Virgina than 64 but went through towns (word used very loosely)
and over mountains. Some cool scenery,

Saw a nice Kitty at the gas station we stopped at,

and a nice cool looking college town.

Some more spectacular view when we stumbled upon a Civil War Battlefield called
the "The Breastworks" on a mountain side, didn't have the strength to go up to the
site but did get some pics of the overlook that were cool.

With Gas on the state highways I found that you need to fuel up when you can,
because we encountered a lot of places that were going bankrupt, gas stations
with no gas and a lot of really cool looking Inns and motels all closed and for
sale. Very sad to see such stuff go under, the small towns on the rural routes
are dying, looks like one should see them while they can. We had gotten a local
libertarian leaning free town paper, and even despite the rhetoric, I could tell
they had a point, they needed help and the US government isn't helping them not
without some major strings attached or if they even care to do it then. Of course
these general issues led us to drive longer than we had wanted to get to our first
bed down/dinner stop. We finally reached Mills Creek got a nice motel and got some
eats at a local ice cream parlor/restaurant just before they closed. My lovers
Cingular service worked fine up here, my Verizon phone however keeps telling me to
die in a fire ("loss of service" message on my LG eNv phone. So much for all of
their big adds about how good their network is, my army of technicians must have
taken the quicker direct way to Lansing, Michigan, instead of state highways through
Columbus, Ohio.
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