GoldFyre (notnormal23224) wrote,

The journey to Dragon*Con days 2 and 3

The past few days we departed Greensboro, made it to Asheville, NC, and now are in Ducktown (yes there really is a place called this) Tennessee. We are headed to Atlanta, obviously not in a straight line. Yesterday' brunch was at Cracker Barrel. Well I should have realized on a Sunday it would be crowded, but the wait wasn't too terrible, we got in and had a decent meal and were ready for the journey ahead, well mostly. Forgetting my memory card adapter had me down until the nirvana of a Radio Shack loomed over the horizon (OK most of the modern day Radio Shacks lived only to disappoint but this time was different. I asked if they had the necessary Memory Stick Pro Duo to Memory Stick adapter, alas the answer was sort of, they only had the cards with them. All wasn't lost, but I didn't want another 2 Gig card I wanted the 4, but it was labeled at $149 (yee gods man). the guy was sure that that was wrong so he scanned it, and it was under $60 so I got it. Happy and satisfied I continued snapping the photos of the journey ( sorry still have to organize them) but I forgot 2 major things about the cards, one my 2GB was almost full and 2 I forgot to liberate the from it's plastic prison, so when the inevitable out of memory message came up there was no way to either change the cards or clear off the other one (yup the adapter was imprisoned too). A bit sad since the second Super 8 we stopped at in Asheville was really cool with an actual flat screen LCD in the room, real cool. Today I just put the GPS into track mode and let my Mistress just drive west thus we ended up here in Tennessee, after a cut through a native American reservation and a stop at the Harrah's casino, we left with a little more money than we went in with so that was good. We are hoping to just stick a toe or too into Alabama then shift back east to get to Atlanta by Wednesday afternoon. We are staying at an almost empty hotel called (wait for it) Ducktown Copper Inn. cool thing is this little no name place isn't that bad and has WiFi what a shock. On the wireless note my Verizon connection was well behaved (at least when I needed it), still a bit miffed from it not working the other day while we were still in Virginia, but it's been a bit better today. More of the open road and the zig zag to Atlanta and DragonCon tomorrow.
Tags: casino, dragon*con, dragoncon, travel
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