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Dragon*Con journies day 4 and 5 (Ft. Payne, Alabama to the arrival)

Left Ducktown, Kentucky after breakfast at a local Hardee's and headed west a bit more to add the state of Alabama to the states we've been in this led to some wonderful mountain/river scenery fun stops with me wading into the river and inlets, and a tram ride to the top of a mountain (in Chattanooga, TN), passed by a revival church that made me wish I could have snapped a photo and drive (hindsight should have pulled into the driveway, it had a hilarious Jesus depiction, think Buddy Jesus, crossed with the Burger King, sculpted by Gabe of Penny arcade and you will get the idea) all the travel had us leave the eastern time zone and set foot in central. I got some somewhat good news from my boss calling me at a Alabama rest stop (right at the De Soto trail) about our firms merger and headquarters relocation, the IT departments will still have a presence in my hometown, so our jobs appear to be safe. We made our way to Ft. Payne, Alabama and 2 wonderful Prime Rib dinners at a Santa Fe Steakhouse for a total of $50 including tip (over 20%) and drinks. Made our way to a Days Inn in town and hit the hey for the night.
In the morning we packed up and headed for Atlanta, still via roads less traveled, so we took about a 5 hour trek through the country side and mountain communities, lots of nice scenery and a lunch stop at Wendy's, and just skirting Rome, Georgia we made it into Atlanta and the skies opened up, pouring rain. We got to the Red Roof Inn (formerly Travelodge) was greeted by the familiar desk clerk and namesake for me Ben, and he was beaming about all the new amenities and redesigned and remodeled rooms. The scooter we rented for my Mistress (sprained ankle) had already been delivered and stowed in our room, it was a great remodel. Of course there is always a hitch, our ground floor room with a door to the outside begot an uninvited visitor, hopefully from my going back and forth getting the stuff from the car but startling nonetheless, a six legged critter showed up in the room (named officially Dead Harvey), we were willing to believe the hotels explanation of it coming from an alternate source besides infestation due to the fact that it was by the door, they did provide an insect killing implement (can of Raid) we shall see if others appear, the room does at least look impeccable, so we are willing to cut them some slack. So the journey that began on Saturday and has covered 6 states by car, well for my Mistress, it would be 9 and DC by car/train. Well this vacation maybe abbreviated form my epic of last year (before I started blogging) of WorldCon/DraconCon/cabin on the mountains but still just as fun so far. Other Dragon*Con attendees have already started to arrive here I wonder how many others are trickling in? Now I just have to process the pictures, off to find a batch processor to get them to a Photobucket size.
Tags: dragon*con, dragoncon, food, mountains, redroof inn, river, roach., travel
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