GoldFyre (notnormal23224) wrote,

Home after the con

Well made it back to Richmond VA in the wee hours of the morning, been so busy hadn't had time to organize and post much (already back at work). My custom photobucket slide shows are getting hosed (can't save them Edit: they started working again, made shows for travel days 1-5). So I'm going to just post links to the default album slideshows so please forgive any repetitive shots (or the dozen or so of myself LOL). A whole lot of fun but now I'm back in the mundane world, got some kind of allergy/infection in my nose making me ill (thank you for waiting until after the convention to strike me Pestilence) I have a couple of other filk/performance clips but I have to get them under a 100 megs to put them up here (Bella Morte and the Brobdingnagian Bards (Corrected Spelling thank you Bard_Wench!) amongst others) but mostly I went to enjoy myself and tried not to go to camera crazy this year.

The journey to the con:
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4 Ashville, NC to Chattanooga, Tn
Day 4 Chattanooga, TN to Ft.Payne, Al
Day 5

At the convention:
Monday - and the journey home

Clips of Filks:
Boogie Knights
Luke Ski

Tags: and all that jazz, dragon*con, dragoncon, illness, music, pictures, travel
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