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It's been a month?!?!?

Wow, I've been slacking as far as the blog goes (but actually working my too hard as far as the outside world goes). I haven't posted for a month it seems. Well on the plus side of things happening during the past month:sodyera sent me another of her cool pieces of artwork inspired by her writings and her love of cars (especially flying ones). Thank you! great work. I'm still adjusting to the end of the vacation (man I miss it so much this "work" thing is evil, I really want to be travelling, but still need the job to pay for it, but working the job leaves me no time to travel except for the too short vacations, tis a vexing trap I see, now if I could only carry a tune in a bucket, play an instrument, and had enough time to actually had enough time and creativity to write, I could pull a Tom Smith act (filkertom)and make traveling to conventions a career and... nah, just remembered, I loved computers and once I made it my job they have been a bane to me, why screw up my enjoyment of conventions and travel by actually making that a job. Guess it's time to pull a rabbit out of a hat to eliminate my debts and transform me into a financially independent entity, now where did I put those carrots?
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