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Superflu pandemica at my job -infected, Space money spotted

My workplace has been doing a disaster recovery exercise one day a week usually Mondays, but yesterday was a holiday. They have been randomly picking letters of the alphabet out and the owners of last names with the letters were either infected, blocked by service outage, or too afraid to traverse to work due the wide spread pandemic. They want to see at what level the departments can't function so if your last name came up you were among the victims. I got the phone call today (working second shift this week, otherwise they would have told me when I arrived to go home). It's funny the exercise has a few holes in it, in my opinion, such as choosing Monday (Tuesday this week), a relatively low impact day, and it's not really all that good for moral, I felt they could choose a happier circumstance, you know office has a lottery pool, you were in it and won millions so you just up and quit, way better than your gonna die or afraid of dying scenario right? but it is what it is and so I'm officially on "light" duty today which is cool since during second shift I work from home, I get to officially goof off and get paid for it, even if an emergency crops up, since they are supposed to function on critical stuff without me. It just feels odd but I'll roll with it.
It has me thinking about random things though and some of them are eating at me, I'm looking around thinking about half finished projects, taming the jungle (AKA my backyard), stuff that needs to be fixed around/on the house, stuff that needs top be thrown out (ex's old clothes and junk left behind), the framed Kindly Ones poster that now needs new glass thanks to my precious little black kitty, 13's attempt at making it a huge cat toy (yup from cabinet to floor in just a few Herculean pushes). All these things just make me yearn for my rosier scenario all the more. Feeling a bit down and trapped here at the homestead, and despite the expense I miss the bit of traveling that I did over the past few years during the vacations (the bills don't miss me though). Yeah my perfect almost realistic dream would be to have a financially independent source of funds, travel for a couple of years, go back to college, then go into teaching History. Of course my far off fantasy is grabbing my towel and hitchhiking across the galaxy (maybe not so unrealistic to do these guys know something (second link seems to be working better than the first)they aren't telling us yet?
With my Mistress back up in New Jersey, I'm not having much fun around here to distract me, so it's making life a bit more of a chore. All in all just some random wistful malaise, on the good side I've done 2 small things I've been meaning to get to, and finally got the city inspectors to sign off on my furnace work done a year ago September, now all I have to do is make it a trend, and I did treat myself to having my hair done for the second time this year (well I have to since I can't braid it myself and I don't want to go back to the comb back style or have it cut). I've been admiring a friends body art and seriously considering getting some permanent markings on me, of course having the job I currently have would mean such art would have to be in unnoticeable places, so it's almost a matter of what's the point to it, although I can think of some things that might go well on my back, in the theme of my face paintings from the past couple of years. Enough of the ramblings for now, I'm sure more shall come later on.
Tags: fake flu, job, space money
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