GoldFyre (notnormal23224) wrote,

Death of a digital collaborator

My PC died last week (motherboard blew) and I'm just finally getting things back up to snuff with a new system. All my data was safe but had to labor moving it all to a new Vista box (good bye XP my old friend). I have given up the flexibility of a hand made box and went into the store and bought an off the shelf name brand, a combination of laziness, inpatients and deals getting to the point that time/money saved on custom build is negligible to non-existent. Of course name brand boxes have some of their own issues (bloatware, and lack of drive bays/slots) but most I could live with this time. Well I now have a quad core system, with a decent video card (salvaged from my old box) 3 Gigs of Ram and over a terabyte of storage space (one drive to go in the shoe horn adventures will bring me back up another 250GB). My Orb stuff is still down until I get around to fixing that and drive paths so my Frappr and Myspace pages will be missing videos until that's done. Ah well now that normalcy is back maybe I'll blog more regularly (note don't hold breath don't want to be responsible for people passing out)
Tags: geek, pc
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