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Bits and pieces of the personal soap opera

"May you live in interesting times" yep it is definitely a curse. Well some updates, mad it through Thanksgiving with my daughter (she even carted off a lot of the leftovers back to college, but the delicious bird I cooked still haunts the house). the Ex has moved out of the city closer to her job (told me in an email sounds like good news doesn't it? Well not entirely more on that later), my pride and joy is taking her finals for her junior year at college, and my lady even got down for a visit.
Well all should be right with the world but it isn't. My ex is guilting our daughter for not seeing her in her new place, despite the fact that the ex canceled plans on her a number of times and tried to revive them at the last minute. Plans like wanting to see her over the Thanksgiving weekend, if she had let her know definitely sooner I would have brought our daughter up to her, gone to Disclave convention for the weekend and picked her up on the way back but she didn't, she wants to see her next weekend but seems oblivious to actually purchasing our daughter a train ticket or heaven forbid actually driving to see her (our daughter's a poor college student even with my help (notice I didn't say "our" the ex still isn't paying the child support despite having the higher paying job and the shorter commute now). She's stressing my daughter to no end now, saying how she's considering going back to school (hello? wanna help your daughter finish her college first?!?!?) and trying to bum text books off of my daughter that she paid for out of her pocket with money she earned while going to school, real smooth dear. I've determined how to tell when the ex is lying now: she opens her mouth and words come out. So far I've heard that the ex's horrible credit is my fault, despite the fact that I caught the bogus charges to her cards, and the fake phone account opened in her name and told her everything she had to do o fix it (which she hasn't done by the way) and refinanced the house multiple times to get her out of debt (last time was just before the divorce was final), that she left NY to give Christina a better life: you know by removing her from the private school she was going to there and putting her in public school here, spending her entire college fund when she moved down here that we had in a separate account for our child, and to take care of her mother (sort of true, but the mother ended up in a bad situation because of the ex trusting a relative who she told me to never trust) and the list goes on.
My current love wants to spend more time with me but scheduling overlaps with my daughter's time with me, wouldn't be an issue but my daughter doesn't like her and doesn't feel that my relationship is healthy (has nothing to do with the Poly aspects of it, just personality clashes). So talking about my love life with my daughter is as much fun as pulling teeth. My lady is having her own issues with her crazy tenant and her husband's problems.
Finances are still a slippery beast to me I'm not behind in anything but I sure could use a good miracle, just for sanity sake, I have a few options that would make things even more bearable, but they all still tie me to the job I'm already burnt out in (at least it pays well). Expenses are slowly creeping up all the time, finish paying off one thing and 3 more things need to be replaced or fixed (computer needed for work: replaced, Dryer that spins forever and barely gets warm: Next on list, Kitchen ceiling that's still up there but looks like it may come down soon: need miracle, Aging roof: pray for tree strike when I'm not up there for insurance).
Ah, life it's so "interesting".
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