GoldFyre (notnormal23224) wrote,

Mediawest Trek: Day 2 Let's get lost, or Charleston here we come surprise!

We actually started our travels before noon checked out of the nice motel. 

We were happy that we filled up at $325 earlier since there it was $3.29, and
worse later on. More Verizon gripes, there "National Broadband Access" isn't
West Virginia is extended network so no Internet. Now in a place like this why
would the net have a problem?

Well my Mistress missed her chance to bring the paper maps back in when we did a
Wal-mart run near the city of Elkton (OK the locals call it a city me I'd call
it a good sized town). After I tired out I gave her the wheel and took a nap after
 the whole "why Verizon sucks in West Virginia" service call that I mentioned
earlier. she made an executive decision to go to Charleston while I was asleep
and leave me guessing as to what was going on when I woke up and saw GPS program
losing it's mind, I had disconnected the voice so she wasn't annoyed by it.
After changing the settings we decided to maybe hit Louisville, Ky so I'm setting
a new destination to see what happens. Our next stop was on I-79 South mile 48 Rest
 area, she got to look at a map and decided Louisville would take us too far south
 so we are going to where Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia all meet, new midpoint
destination Huntington, West Virginia.
What the internet doesn't work in places like the above? I'm shocked, truly shocked
Here's where we decided on the new path:

Many Mysteries at this seemingly innocent reststop, Narnia? Area 51? who knows
what else lies hiddnen behind the hospitable building?
Well exhaustion stopped us at Charleston. Are in a Microtel, that we got a
discount on while my lovely Mistress was hunting maps, she came up with a coupon
book with some sketchy maps in it so here we are for now. Journey to continue
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