GoldFyre (notnormal23224) wrote,

The long road traveled.

This weekend was an experiment to see how much of a drive I could handle if I put my mind to it. This was mainly being done to work out single driver feasibility up coming conventions and the like since my lady may or may not be up to driving chores due to medical issues, and it was a great excuse to go out there-> that away for me.

I had originally planned to go forth right after my shift ended at 10PM, but the hazard of working from home and having my kitties curl up and do the purring, love us please act. got me to conk out until 4AM on Saturday. After some brief packing I got out of the house at 5AM and got to see at my corner gas station some police investigation going on (oh joy), cordoned off and Richmond's version of CSI on the scene, can only assume it had something to do with the noise that I heard earlier that suspiciously sounded like gunshots. Fortunately I already had 3/4 of a tank so I skipped the top off and headed west/southwest on my local road in the dark.

The first thing I noticed about driving in the pitch black pre-dawn was that I actually managed a good haul of driving without my predilection for road hypnosis that I'd get during the height of the day and the evening hours. Second was even with all my stops and occasionally total disregard for my electronic companion (Delorme maps running off of my Garmin GPS puck)I actually was able to do a personal best for a day of 521 miles. Not bad I thought, I got a few pictures but being the driver and cameraman has it's drawback (I'll post a complete travelogue when I actually get back home. I'm going to get some sleep now and work out tomorrow and Monday's travel plans.
Tags: gps, sleep, travel
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