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The final saving throw was lost.

Let us hang our heads down low and raise our glasses high to mark the passing of E. Gary Gyax. May he find that great treasure hoard in the sky.

May the Dungeon Master know peace. Farewell, and may good fortune benefit you on the next roll of the dice.

Another part of my youth has slipped into the eternal night. It's been years since I've had out the graph paper, the books, and the dice. Many of my friends that I made over the table top have gone on with their lives, though there are the few who stay in touch, even though we may be separated by many miles. I reminisce over the days spent in the old High School library, or over the houses and apartments we had spanned. The many days battling Orcs, dragons, wizards and each other over the rules and snacks. The late hours to entire weekends spent hanging out playing the games or just going out into the world and enjoying the camaraderie that had formed over a game and fantasy. As time past we left that school but still tried so hard to get together for a movie or play now and then, but mostly we met over the tabletop with dice in hand, we had left behind the game that originally brought us together but we still enjoyed the genre and never forgot where we came from. Over the years our locations had drifted apart and computers started to bring some of what we had into the modern age, but they never lived up to the imagination and wonder that we put into games, the traps and trials that even when long planed and easily dodged still provided amusement (there was always one of the gang that would fall for the trap no mater how silly it was). It opened a world of wonder and adventure that I now realize how much it is missed.
So one last throw of the 20 sided die in memory of one of the gaming industry's pioneers. If only saving throws would apply to real life, or clerics could bring back those who have left us. The memories of my youth and young adulthood will hopefully always be there. Farewell Mr. Gyax, may your spirit live on through all who take their paladins, clerics, magi and thieves out for a quest no matter what game they are in.
Tags: dungeons and dragons, fantasy, games, gyax, youth
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