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Poked, prodded and probed and no free UFO ride

     Well this week I had the dreaded colonoscopy. It happened on Monday, I lucked out with the scheduling, the doctor normally only did it Tuesdays and Thursdays but for some reason was going to be at the outpatient clinic on Monday so I only had to take one PTO day instead of two. The fun really began on Sunday afternoon when I had to take the laxatives and drink 2 liters of the liquid mixture that they give you for this type of stuff. I interrupted some of my geeky activities of playing my new game of Super Smash Bros Brawl to have at the regimen. I only had some chicken soup that Sunday not feeling too hungry at all despite having the go ahead to eat breakfast and lunch. For the first few hours nothing happened, was almost thinking I did something wrong while I was finally catching SciFi's Tin Man rebroadcast and downloading the last weeks episode of Torchwood (the Brits are 2 weeks ahead and they have an HDTV version). Of course the laxative decided to remind me quite soon about it's presence. Definitely no fun, constantly dashing out that seemed to be timed to whenever the program was back on rather than commercial breaks.
      Monday came and the worse was over my good friend Kat helped me out greatly by playing chauffeur big thank you and hugs), a requirement of the procedure due to the anesthetic involved. As unusual I found the amazing efficiency of the medical record keeping, I get there and have a boat load of forms to fill out, the same ones I already filled out at the doctors offices (explanation they don't share charts with the office), which I also had filled out online for the doctor office referral (the database was very secure, even they couldn't get to it). Fortunately I remembered to bring the med I was allergic too and managed to remember most of my meds I take, there are only 4 (not counting aspirin)but whenever asked about them I always forget. Went back for the prep, leaving my valuables with my friend. Get the IV hookup, the stretcher ride, wheeled into the room in font of the monitor that they are going to use to view the procedure, and then wake up in the recovery room. Big let down, they said the anesthetic would relax me and may make me drowsy, in reality it just knocked me out no warning either just bang I was out and missed the show. Darn.
      One polyp, being biopsied, and some hemorrhoids, nothing major or menacing, feel a lot better than I did when my doctor sent me for it worried. Will get the results at the end of the week on the biopsy. The specialist says there's a 1 in 100 chance of anything evil so don't sweat it at my age. He was impressed by how well I took it. Just let down that I didn't get to see my own insides. Kat got me home gave me some venison that she had cooked up and made sure I was sitting down in my living room and not traipsing about the house. Which was a good thing since the really cool drugs didn't completely let up for a few hours. I owe her big time she had a job interview the same day and I hope that has worked out well.
      My Lady Sailgersor had an adventurous weekend of her own up in NJ attending a con helping out a dealer friend of hers, and is planning to do Lunacon this upcoming weekend. I get screwed due to work. Getting a bit restless for another trip but don't want to do the driving this time. Easter is coming up, so I may experiment with a long distance greyhound trip just to see how "enjoyable" it would be for a DargonCon option. It was good to hear that my Lady could get out into the world a bit even though her adventures included pretty much saving the dealer's life (he is diabetic and seem to not be taking very good care of himself IMO). Her own medical issues have been getting her down but now at least a ray of hope has come in on that situation her docs are slowly getting to the root of the issues and found a parathyroid issue, hopefully they can get that sorted out in short order, that would help out her health situation quite a bit.
       On the scattered subject of cons my May convention is up in the air, I already have a MediaWest membership but no word on the room yet (they say by the end of this week), and no set means for getting myself and my Lady there. Coming from Richmond, VA and NJ the prices of transport to Lansing are abominable, and I know from experience that it would be a 2 day shot to get there by car with gas prices crawling up slowly, wait slowly isn't the right word here, jumping up ridiculously and threatening to go to $4, car plan would be to meet in Baltimore and launch from there (driving rout takes me through there anyway). This would work out if I had 1 or 2 more passengers who were driving capable in the mini SUV, and would split gas, but with the hotel in the air no plans yet. The other option that would be cheaper than driving (especially if it's a 2 day with hotel in the middle affair) would be Greyhound, but 20+ hours and a transfer on the bus isn't sounding pretty. Of course I could scrap that plan and hit Balticon, Con rate rooms are gone but I was able to reserve a room for Thursday at the AAA rate, which was better than the convention rate ($118 as opposed to $130) would have to get memberships though at $51 a shot but at least I have the room reserved just in case MediaWest goes up in smoke, and is a much shorter drive (would have had to pass it to get to MediaWest). Next month closer to home is RavenCon, I'm not much of a hometown con person but might check it out (weird quirk), but with my Lady's medical scramble it's not a sure thing either.
      Well I've rambled on enough for now in my own scatter shot way.
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