Darkness to Light to Darkness to Light....

Journeys in the sacred and the profane, stopping at all points in between

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Well I'm a bit of an eclectic wanderer who can find a keen interest in almost anything. I enjoy finding out as much as I can about the world and it's mysteries, as well as the people who reside therein. I'm mainly pushing up my computer geek side at my job, my nerdy side at home and like to come a bit out of my shell when around others of my breed. I'm adventurous, always willing to try most anything at least once, and I'm sure with a bit of coaxing will even do something I'm reluctant to (just to say I've done it). I enjoy playful folks both on the light hearted side and even the occasionally creatively devious (as long as they are up front about it). Anything odd, unusual or down right weird/strange always catches my attention.

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